Gas detector rental conditions

Our rental service is available for selected territories only.

Rental general terms and condition:

- Rental equipment remains the property of GazDetect at all times.
- Storing and using rental equipment is entirely submitted to the renter’s responsibility.
- Devices must be used with the utmost care in the limits of specifications and prescriptions explained in the manual.
- Devices are supplied with a recent calibration certificate.
- Intermediate calibrations performed during the rental period will be invoiced separately at the going rate.
- At the end of the rental period, the equipment must be returned within 8 days after the end of the period to:

    3, rue des Fossés

- Upon reception of the equipment, it will be entirely checked. If repair shall be required because of any deterioration, you will be invoiced for the amount of the repair.
- If you wish to extend this rental, please contact us for an agreement at least 8 days before the end of the rental period.

- Any exceeding of the rental period will be invoiced after the return of the equipment.


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