SCOTT Safety short interventions SCBA CEN-PAQ self-contained breathing apparatus

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Especially designed to be easily donned, the Cen-Paq self-contained breathing apparatus range is used when crucial reactivity is required. The universal sized velcro fastening waistcoat is made for use when an SCBA would be too cumbersome.

The Cen-Paq SCOTT Safety SCBA is ideal for short-term emergency interventions or short inspections in highly polluted environments when using a full size self-contained breathing appartus is too complicated. Detailed description

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The SCOTT Safety self-contained breathing apparatus CEN-PAQ

The Cen-Paq is a short interventions self-contained breathing apparatus equipped on a waistcoat. It is composed by a waistcoat, a high pressure air cylinder and a two stage pneumatic system with a regulator and demand valve. The PVC-made high visibility waistcoat features a Velcro crisscrossed fastening system on the chest and was designed to fit in many sizes with minimal required setup.

  • Well known and efficient pneumatic system that activates from the first inhalation
  • Equipped with a manometer an a low pressure warning whistle at 68 bar
  • Designed to fit many sizes with minimal setup
  • Fireproof high visibility waistcoat with VELCRO fastening
  • High visibility PVD (optional antistatic version available)
  • Steel or composite compressed air cylinder for 15, 20 or 30 minutes.
  • For use with Promask PP or Vision3 full face masks from Scott Safety
  • CE marked in compliance with the EN 137 and EN 139 standards when used with an airline respirator system

CEN-PAQ short interventions SCBA technical specifications

  • Single-size fireproof waistcoat with VELCRO or loop fastening with removable pocket for the mask
  • Non-adjustable first stage pressure reducing valve, spring loaded piston mechanism and outlet supply protected by pressure relief valve
  • Compact positive pressure on demand valve, tilting diaphragm mechanism with low inhalation resistance
  • Automatic first inhalation activation and bypass.
    Peak flow performance: in excess of 500 l/min
    Bypass flow: 150 l/min
    Static positive pressure: 1.8 - 3.5 mbar
  • Warning whistle at 68 bars and bourdon tube type dial indicator, heat and impact resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Safety blow-out vent in rear of gauge
  • Accuracy: +/- 10 bars between 40-300 bars.
  • Stainless steel rotating hose connector. High performance pneumatic system
  • Outlet pressure:
    207 bars inlet 5.5 à 9.5 bars
    300 bars inlet 6.0 à 11 bars
    Pressure relief valve protected: 11.5 bars
  • Weight :
    CEN-PAQ waistcoat: 2.8 Kg
    With steel cylinder 15 minutes: 7.5 Kg
    With steel cylinder 20 minutes: 8.5 Kg
    With carbon fiber cylinder 30 minutes: 8.0 Kg

CEN-PAQ short interventions SCBA applications

The CEN-PAQ self-contained breathing apparatus is ideal for many applications like:

  • Emergency evacuation (fire, explosion, gas leak…)
  • Inspection of highly polluted area
  • Rescue in confined space or highly contamined environment…
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