Reusable FFP3 mask (particles, bacteria and virus protection)

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The GVS SEGRE F31000 is a high performance reusable FFP3 mask intended for protection against fine particles, bacteria and viruses. Comfortable, easy to use and perfectly waterproof, this mask is today one of the most reliable solutions for respiratory protection.

Its bacteria filtration efficiency is greater than 99.9% and the level of particle filtration is greater than 99%. This FFP3 mask can be sterilized up to 5 times in just 10 minutes per side and immediately reused, thus reducing its cost. Detailed description

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Reusable FFP3 mask

This reusable FFP3 mask is fully adjustable thanks to an innovative system of adjustable straps and a padded nose bar for more comfort. The straps are latex free which helps prevent allergies.

The GVS F31000 mask is valveless which allows the wearer to protect himself while protecting those around them when worn as part of the protection against viruses and bacteria. In addition, its individual packaging prevents cross-contamination.

Choosing the right respiratory protection mask

There are 3 types of filtering respiratory protection masks. They are classified by filtration rate and inward leak rate:

The FFP1 mask:

Filtering at least 80% aerosols, its inward leakage rate is 22% at most. It is mainly used as a dust mask for handywork.

The FFP2 mask:

Filtering at least 94% aerosols, its inward leakage rate is 8% at most. It is useful against many viruses and bacteria. Interesting for individuals.

The FFP3 mask:

Filtering at least 99% of aerosols, its inward leakage rate is 2% at most. It is the highest protection level. It optimally protects the wearer against aerosols of all types and against viruses. Its maximum filtration capacity makes it essential for healthcare professionals or anyone working in contact with large numbers of people during a pandemic.

GVS FFP3 mask technical specifications:

  • Particles filtration : > 99%
  • Bacteria filtration : > 99.9%
  • Valve : no
  • Packaging: individually wrapped, 15 masks per box.
  • Materials :
    - PTFE Mechanical Diaphragm
    - Electrostatic pre-filter
    - Latex-free rubber straps
    - PET supports
    - Aluminum nose bridge
  • Respiratory resistance: 1.21 mbar at 95 L / min (limit at 3 mbar)
  • Certification: EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009: FFP3 R D
  • Compliance: EN 14683: 2019, Annex C and ASTM F2100-19

SEGRE mask UV sterilizer

The GVS sterilizer is a product that uses LED UV lamps to kill 99.9% of viruses in 10 minutes per side. Compact and stylish, this sterilizer does not use any chemicals or heat to disinfect the masks. It is possible to add a few drops of oils in the area provided for this purpose and activate the aromatherapy option to add a pleasant scent to your mask.

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