Refrigerant leak detector (freons) - RD99


The RD99 refrigerant fluid detector can detect almost any existing refrigerant gas. Leakage detection of CFC (R11, R12, R13), HCFC (R22, R500, R502), HCF (R134a, R123, R125, R23) and R404A, R407C or R410 too. Detailed description

The RD99 refrigerant fluid detector features two sensitivity levels in order for users to detect even the smallest refrigerant fluid leaks. Thanks to its two alarm thresholds, the RD99 alerts when approaching the leak source by increasing the audible signal cadence and activating LEDs.

Featuring a long autonomy, RD99 is perfectly suited for monitoring domestic, commercial or industrial facilities, as well as air conditioning systems.

- Detection of any existing refrigerant fluid including HFC HCFC, CFC, SF6, R134 a, R404 A, R407 C, R410 A

- High sensitivity detector to locate tiny leaks

- Easy to use from first operation

- Long flexible probe to search for leaks in difficult access areas

- Audiovisual indication of leaks

- Flexible probe integrated into the protective case when the device is not operating

- Complies with EN 14624 / EN 35422


Refrigerant fluids detection: CFC (R11, R12, R13), HCFC (R22, R500, R502), HCF (R134a, R123, R125, R23) as well as new gases (R404A R407C R410A).

Technical specifications

  • Sensor: Sensitivity 3 grs/an R134 a. Response time less than a second. Ionization advanced detection
  • Detected gases:

- CFC – R11, R12, R13 etc…

- HCFC – R22, R502, R500 etc…

- HCF – R134 a, R123, R125, R23 etc…

- R404 A, R407 C, R410 a

  • Operation / indication:

- LED : Progressive activation when gas concentration rises

- Auible: sound level changes when gas concentration rises

  • 2 sensitivity adjustments: 2-position switch to increase detection sensitivity
  • Battery status indicator: - Green: Normal - Red: Used battery
  • Battery: 1 x 9 volt alk / aline + 6 LR6
  • Battery lifetime: Approximately 11 hours continuous (3 months in normal use)
  • Flexible probe: Length 400mm
  • Dimensions: 180mm x 70mm x 35mm
  • Weight: 400 grams

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