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Compact and lightweight, the Protégé SG O3 portable ozone (O3) detector is very intuitive and user-friendly. It features many functions like ozone STEL and TWA alarms (average and limit values), a datalogging and a customizable LCD display. Detailed description

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Ozone (O2), an unrecognized and hazardous gas

The Protégé SG portable ozone detector is an optimal solution to detect ozone (O3). Naturally present in the atmosphere, ozone is naturally exhausted when releasing nitrous oxides (NOx) during forest fires, lightnings or thunderstorms.

Ozone is a colorless or blueish (sufficient depth) gas. Contrary to oxygen (O2) that is odorless, Ozone features a pungent odor recalling bleach, detectable from 0.01 pm. Nevertheless, a habituation phenomenon rapidly occurs.

Non-flammable, Ozone features a strong oxidizing power that can be source of explosion. Even if its toxicity relies on several factors (temperature, pressure, concentration), Ozone is harmful for the breathing tracts (lungs, nose, throat) and irritating to eyes.

Ozone is slightly soluble into water and this solubility decreases if temperatures rises, which explains its harmfulness to mucosa.

Protégé SG ozone detector technical specifications

Gas                                                       Ozone

Measuring range                             0 to 3 ppm

Dimensions / Weight                     H: 107 mm x L: 58 mm x D: 2.2 mm / 150 grams

Environmental protection           IP 66/67

Temperature range                        -20°C to +50°C

Filter replacement                          Yes (in addition)

Replaceable battery                       Yes (in addition)

Service life                                         1.5 to 2 years

Alarms                                                 Visual, Acoustic and Vibrating

Battery type                                      Lithium-ion

Battery runtime                               1.5 year

Portable ozone detectors applications

  • Drinking water disinfection
  • Disinfection of water used in closed or opened cooling circuits
  • Disinfection of wastewater and swimming pools, industrial wastewater treatment (phenols and cyanides removal)
  • Deodorization of some industrial sites
  • Surgical equipment serilization
  • Foodstuffs conservation
  • Textile fibers and paper pulp bleaching


It can be found in some activities, oftentimes linked to electricity such as thermal plants but also in the printing sector (laser radiation operations) and arc welding activities with inert gases.

Ozone is also released by internal combustion engines (reaction between nitrous oxides and volatile organic compounds). At high heat, it stagnates to the ground, creating pollution. This explains its use as an indicator by air quality monitoring agencies.

Once accurate measurements taken, an adapted respiratory protection will considerably reduce ozone concentrations related hazards. As this gas is irritating to eyes, respiratory protective half-masks are clearly not recommended.

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