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The Blackline Safety Loner Mobile lone worker app turns an iPhone® or Android™ phone into a non-intrusive surveillance platform for people working alone or in unpredictable environments.

This application uses a Bluetooth-based lone worker device (personal alert safety systemfor lone worker protection)- the Loner Duo - with fall detection, no motion signal (man-down), security check and an SOS latch (panic button or silent alarm). Detailed description

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Lone worker app monitoring

The Loner Mobile app can be monitored internally by a company's security staff for example (self-monitored version) or by Blackline Safety's alarm monitoring partners on call 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Man-down signal

If your lone worker device detects that you have not moved for a predetermined period of time (1 to 10 minutes), you have 30 seconds to confirm on your smartphone that you are safe before a red alert is sent to the surveillance staff. Pre-alert cancellation is done from the phone.

Fall detection

The Blackline Safety Loner Duo has an accelerometer that will detect a fall. A pre-alert is notified and you have 30 seconds before sending the red alert.

Safety check

The Loner Duo has a safety check system, the time interval is configurable on the Loner Mobile app (5 to 240 minutes).

Red emergency alert or "panic button"

To trigger an emergency alert, simply pull on the Loner Duo's emergency latch. The device will beep and the red emergency alert is instantly sent to the monitoring personnel.

Silent red emergency alert

To trigger a silent red emergency alert, press and hold the emergency latch on the Loner Duo. The alert will instantly be sent discreetly.

Low battery alarm

The Loner Duo lone worker device checks its battery and issues an alert when the charge level drops below a certain predetermined threshold.

« Network error » alarm

In the event of a network failure, the Loner Mobile app indicates that the lone worker monitoring and protection are interrupted.

Loner Duo lone worker device technical specifications

App: Loner Mobile for iPhone® or Android™ phone, free download on Apple Store or Google Play


  • iPhone : iOS 8.0.1 and later
  • Android : 4 and later
  • Compatible with smart watches

Localization technology:

  • GPS accuracy: approx. 5 meters
  • Automatic periodic localization

PASS box:

  • Power button: On / Off switch
  • Green status light: flashing (on), continuous (connected)
  • Audible & vibrating notifications
  • Size/ Weight: 51 x 32 x 62 mm / 75 grams
  • Protection : IP65
  • Operating temperature : from -20 to 55 °C

Power & battery:

  • Battery: Lithium-ion rechargeable, 350 mAh capacity
  • Charging time : 2 hours
  • Continuous operation : 12 hours

Compliance: BS8484

Online Blackline Live app : Alert banner, event history, geographic position, device management, alerts and notifications settings, and more.

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