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The XDI-PID photo-ionization detector is a fixed VOC detector for measurement and detection of volatile organic compounds. It is a 4-20 mA linear output ATEX VOC transmitter with alarm relay and digital display (optional) which can be connected to a control system (PLC, gas detection unit) or used as an independent control point.

The XDI-PID Fixed VOC detector uses a PID lamp with 10.6 eV photo-ionization in diffusion mode which presents less contamination and maintenance problems than pump systems. This fixed VOC monitor offers the possibility of select 2 measuring ranges (0-50 ppm or 0- 1000 ppm) for better measurement accuracy. Detailed description

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XDI-PID fixed VOC detector - Photo-ionization monitor

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) include a multitude of substances characterized by their high volatility, that is to say that they emit vapors even in regular pressure conditions and at ambient temperatures. VOC exposure effects are very variable depending on the nature of the pollutant, ranging from olfactory discomfort to mutagenic and carcinogenic effects (benzene among others), passing through various irritations and decrease in respiratory capacity.

The XDI-PID is a photo-ionization detector for VOC monitoring using a 10.6 eV PID lamp. The device has a rugged and compact design to withstand harsh environments, it is ATEX and IECEx certified, which means it is suitable for most industrial applications.

The XDI-PID fixed VOC monitor photo-ionization detector is equipped as standard with 3 relays and a large LCD screen (optional) for easy reading of measurements. It uses a diffusion detection technique which leads to fewer contamination problems than sampling pump systems. Its maintenance is easy because changing the PID sensor takes only a few seconds.

XDI PID fixed VOC detector key features

  • ATEX-IECEx certified (gas and dust)
  • 2 measuring ranges for better precision
  • Humidity-resistant without compensation
  • Solid design ideal for use in difficult environments
  • 3 configurable alarm relays (alerts and/or fault)
  • Large LCD backlit panel providing clear measurements indications and ideal for on-site setup (option)

XDI-PID fixed VOC monitor applications

  • Industrial painting, surface treatment and solvents
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Paper and paper pulp industry
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Industrial hygiene (control and surveillance)

XDI-PID fixed VOC detector technical specifications

  • Photo-ionization VOC detector fitted with a 10.6 eV PID lamp available with 2 measuring ranges 0-1000 ppm (standard) or 0.5 ppm - 50 ppm (optional)
  • Power supply: 18 to 35 VDC 24V nominal
  • Outputs :
    - Analog 4 ~ 20mA (3 wires)
    - 3 alarm relays (configurable)
    - CANbus communication (4 wires)
    - Inhibition function for maintenance
    - RS232 terminal for data reading and configuration
  • Data logging: Memory capacity 2880 points
  • Display (optional):
    - 2 alphanumeric lines, backlit for reading the statuses (gas concentration, alarm statuses, etc.).
    - LED status indicators: alarms, fault
  • Case material: Aluminum alloy or stainless steel
  • Finishing:
    - Chemical resistant epoxy resin paint, safety white RAL 9003
    - Marine quality finish option
  • Protection class:
    - IP64 as standard
    - IP65 with anti-water shield
    - IP66 with waterproof screen
  • Cable entry: 2 x M20 or ¾ ’’ NTP
  • Weight: 1.6 Kg
  • Operating temperature: -15 ° C to + 55 ° C
  • Certifications:
    - Explosion-proof ATEX-IECEx
    - II 2G Ex db IIC T6… T4 Gb
    - II 2D Ex IIIC T85 ° C… T135 ° C Db

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