Monoxor CO exhaust gas analyzer

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The Monoxor is a portable CO analyzer for monitoring exhaust gas emissions from combustion engines, such as forklifts running on propane, or for measuring any CO release during a combustion.

It is a diagnostic and maintenance tool able to optimize the efficiency of combustion engines, boilers or burners and to quantify harmful CO emissions produced by forklifts engines operating in work environments or any other combustion. Detailed description

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The Monoxor combustion analyzer

Two available models :

  • the Monoxor Plus with a measuring range up to 2000 ppm for direct CO measurements from boilers, ovens or gas appliances.
  • The Monoxor XR with a measuring range up to 80,000 ppm for measuring high CO from forklifts and other combustion engines.


The Monoxor can display measurement curves graphically and record CO levels at high temperatures up to 650 ° C. It works with pre-calibrated B-Smart sensors that help minimize downtime and maintenance costs.

A rigid stainless steel probe with handle is connected to a flexible hose fitted with a "water trap" filter to draw a gas sample directly from the exhaust pipe, heating ducts or the ambient air of a room.

The analyzer is also compatible with Bacharach's “Combustion” application which allows users to quickly create / share personalized reports (available for Android and iOS).

Monoxor CO main assets

  • Used to measure the carbon monoxide (CO) rate in the heat engines' exhaust
  • High performance precalibrated B-smart sensor
  • Temperature range -20 to 650 ° C
  • Backlit LCD graphic display
  • "Free hand" sampling probe
  • Infrared printer (option)

Bacharach Monoxor technical specifications

  • Measuring range :
    - Monoxor Plus: 0 to 2000 ppm CO
    - Monoxor XR: 0 to 80,000 ppm CO
  • Sensor : Pre-calibrated B-smart electrochemical sensor
  • Sampling flow rate: 300 to 700 cm3 / min
  • Sampling probe: 12 '' (30.48 cm) stainless steel probe with flexible
  • Warm-up time: 60 seconds
  • Temperature (optional): -20 to 650 ° C
  • Display: monochrome graphic LCD with backlight
  • Power supply: 4x AA batteries
  • Autonomy: :
    - Alkaline batteries: 15 hours minimum
    - Lithium batteries: 20 hours minimum
    - Rechargeable batteries: 8 hours minimum
  • Case: Impact resistant ABS plastic with overmolded rubber. Protective rubber cover with optional magnets.
  • Dimensions : 20,3 × 9,1 × 5,8 cm
  • Weight: 0.45 kg including batteries
  • Operating conditions: -5 to 45 ° C, 15 to 95% RH (non-condensing), 1 ATM ± 10%
  • Memory: 100 entries
  • Ports : USB 2.0 (mini-B), IrDA
  • Printer: (optional)
  • Certifications : CE, EN 50270:2015
  • Warranty: 2 years (sensor included)
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