Opto-electronic ppb gas analyzer - Dräger X-act 7000

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The X-act 7000 analysis system consists of Dräger micro-tubes combined to an opto-electronic analyzer which allows precise gas measurement at extremely low concentrations (in ppb).

Versatile and very easy to use, the device provides precise and fast results, and easily replaces costly laboratory tests. Detailed description

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Opto-electronic ppb gas analyzer

Analytical results worthy of laboratory testing

Hazardous substances in ambient workplace air are often expressed in very low concentrations and few devices on the market are able to monitor low concentration levels.

The X-act 7000 analyzer focuses on toxic and / or carcinogenic substances measurements with a low ppb range, with analysis results worthy of laboratory and immediate tests.

Each micro-tube has an RFID tag with all calibration and configuration information on the substance to be analyzed. External parameters such as ambient temperature and humidity are taken into account during the factory calibration and pressure variations have no influence on the analysis because the X-act 7000 operates on the basis of mass flow measurement.

Measurements selectivity

The capillary micro-tubes are made of several layers isolating the targeted substance, this way it blocks any interference and prevents from erroneous measurements.

Great ease of use

After an automatic self-test, the X-act 7000 analysis system is immediately ready to use. The 2.4'' color screen and displayed messages allow easy operating of the device.

Analysis results are displayed on the screen and can be stored on the device along with the measurement's date, time and place for later evaluation.

Diffusion mode or gas sampling pump

Using a coupler (connection piece), the Dräger X-am pump can be adapted to the X-act 7000 to allow gas sampling up to 45 meters away.

This pump is particularly well suited for toxic and carcinogenic substances analysis in areas with difficult access like conduits, pipes or tanks.

Explosion proof & water proof equipment

The X-act 7000 analysis system is explosion-proof and ATEX / IECEx certified for zone 0. The system is also resistant to dust and splashes in compliance with the IP54 standard. It also meets the requirements for the electromagnetic compatibility EN50270 standard.

DescriptionTest rangeTest timeCodification
Benzene1 – 150 ppb100 – 900 secondes86 10 600
Benzene0.15 – 10 ppm25 – 150 secondes86 10 030
1.3-Butadiene25 – 500 ppb150 – 550 secondes86 10 460
1.3-Butadiene0.5 – 25 ppm30 – 100 secondes86 10 300
Formaldehyde5 – 150 ppb360 – 960 secondes86 10 540
Formaldehyde0.15 – 3 ppm300 – 600 secondes86 10 100
Mercury0.005 – 0.25 mg/m3240 – 1,200 secondes86 10 350
Ethylene Oxide25 – 250 ppb200 – 500 secondes86 10 580
Ethylene Oxide0.25 – 10 ppm50 – 200 secondes86 10 200
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